Location, Location, Location

It’s a simple fact of marketing: businesses want to know as much as they can about their customers: how much they make, what their buying habits are, who makes the buying decisions in their home, the list goes on. But is there a line as to what businesses want to/should know? What about where you […]

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Measuring ROI On A Budget

Conducting marketing online without measuring your results is like building a house without a tape measure. Sure it may look good, but is that house really going to stand the test of time? It’s easy to be intimidated by all of the online tools that are available-some are free and some cost you an arm […]

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Content Counts

As I said in my previous blog post, social media can be great and terrible. It can drive people apart or bring together friends from across the world. It allows us to share ideas with people we would’ve never known existed otherwise. From a marketing aspect, it seems social media is the great equalizer. Every […]

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Virtual Reality Awakens

In the weeks leading up to Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the Star Wars Facebook page partnered with the site to create the site’s first “immersive 360 experience.” The video allowed some mobile users to not only watch the video, which was a quick scene of a ship speeding along a Star Wars planet, but […]

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The Death of Web Advertising

Nobody likes advertisements. Period. But what’s worse than having your show interrupted by ads? Trying to load your favorite website only to be bombarded by a giant pop-up ad or having to sit through a thirty second pre-roll ad before watching your favorite vlogger’s latest video. New technologies, however, could see these types of advertising […]

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Define Your Identity

When you’re shopping for a TV, where do you begin? Maybe you start off by asking your friends, or doing a quick search of Best Buy’s best reviewed TV’s on their website, or even searching the newspaper’s ads. No matter what, gone are the days of walking into a store with no idea of what […]

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